Sadism of Yanukovich & Medvedchuk 2013-2014

I would like to tell the words of respect and gratitude to these people who gave their lives to our Ukrainian neighbors in Russian Federation to make them appreciate our freedom and our will to stay independent Ukraine.

Watching TV news can’t save your souls. If you want to understand what goes on, look here to Euromaidan‘s cemetery online. Step by step you will see who fight for the freedom, joy and happyness of ours.

There are architectures, teachers, sport masters, IT developers, entrepreneurs, farm workers, theatre producers who became the part of the new Ukrainian history risking by their own accord. They were tortured by Russian soldiers, killed by Russian snipers.
But they are alive in our hearts. They changed the attitude of the World to Ukraine. Freedom or the death!


‘Down on your knees, baster!’Riot police of #yanukovich beat by feet & humiliate people who didn’t do anything against the low. Policemen were hunting occasional victims,  imprisoned, tortured & humiliated in a jail. They inflicted numerous head injuries, hematomas and fractures.

These custody order pressed defenseless citizens to the ground, put their feet on the heads of their helf alive trophies to take a picture. Berkut spit into the faces of  detainees lying on the ground in handcuffs. ( 1 Dec. 2013)

Riot police beat innocent people  to their heads by batons and feet to the stomach, liver, groin, head  ( 1 Dec. 2013)

Ex Chief of Ukraine Defence Lutsenko also was beaten

yanukovich police torture both physically & psychologically. They strip demonstrators of euromaidan, humiliate & beat

This guy was beaten by riot police, stripped naked, poured w/water and put outside to -10. Ukraine

The way they beat the peaceful Euromaidan demonstrators — students (30 Nov. 2013)

yanukovich ‘s riot police is extimly cruel. The way they beat blacking out Ukrainians

Police attacks journalists in Kiev and blocks Internet connection!

Riot Police of Yanukovich is shooting health workers up
I am shocked by cruelty & impunity of the Ukrainian criminal authorities in law. Their #Russian mercenaries tortured the Automaidan leader for 8 days. They cut off his ear and crucified, nailed to the door, beating him in the same time.

Putin’s soldiers tortured Ukrainians using electro shock, shot their legs, cut the part of a ear in Crimea.

ear cut


58 % Russians support Putin‘s war against Ukraine. Power of his dark PR & Propaganda is incredible

To punish yanukovich, medvedchuk, kluyev. zaharchenko, azarov, pshonka and putin International Criminal Tribunal should be created. For preventing crimes and international conspiracies we should control outcoming information in Mass Media to block any kind of slander that makes race hatred and damage to the reputation of any nation.

The way putin & yanukovich killed 760 people on Euromaidan, Ukraine . International Court should punish both

The Medical staff of Euromaidan informes that the real quantity of Euromaidan members killed by Russian snipers and soldiers of putin and yanukovich is 760.

The Ukrainian Government lies that the number of victims is 106.

Russian killers beheaded Ukrainian Cossacks and shot to death scalps.

After they burned their dead bodies in a crematorium. Also they
thrown corpes into the River Dnepr.

UN please help Ukrainians! Our police and Government is too curropted to avoid new victims and to protect us from putin attempts to conquare Ukraine.